One on One Coaching 

As a certified life and business coach with the International Coaching Federation, I understand that YOU are the expert on your own life.  

We all become “cloudy” at times and have difficulty finding our own way.  An effective coach will listen carefully and ask the deep questions that will help you locate your own wisdom. 

Using a transformational model of Awareness, Clarity, Alignment, Action and Results we will gain a clear vision of the end result you desire, overlay that on top of your current situation and co-create a roadmap to manifest the end result you desire.  As your coach I hold a mirror to reflect your strengths, holding you accountable for the choices you make along the path.  I am your champion, your occasional nag, your mentor and your biggest cheerleader. 

I intuitively call on my skills as a Usui Reiki Master and a certified Feng Shui Real Estate Practitioner as we work together.  I understand that all in our universe is energy and how a butterfly gently flapping it’s wings in the east creates a reaction in the west.  I am awed by the power of the mind-body-spirit connection and the power to manifest what we visualize, consciously or unconsciously.  The “I AM” model of creating intention and putting attention on the intention is a key component in creating actions designed to manifest the results and life that you choose. 

As we work together, we may begin by focusing on your professional life, and you will soon see that our work together will provide lasting impact on your personal life.  Most of my clients are high producers in the fields of real estate and finance.  While our work often begins in the specific area of real estate, the results bring about life balance, deeper personal relationships, and greater joy, in addition to more productive real estate careers.

Leadership Group Coaching

Accelerate your learning and your results by joining with other like minded business owners for a year of intense focus designed to improve your business.  The group consists of 6 to 8 business owners/leaders who focus on a specific topic for intensive implementation each month for a year. 

Based on the philosophy that every business is involved in three primary activities:  lead generation, lead conversion and management of the business functions the group works through these main focuses month by month.  The group meets monthly by phone for an interactive conversation facilitated by Debbie and each participant shares their specific expertise in the area of focus, thereby enhancing and multiplying the knowledge and growth for the entire group.  A digital sharing platform provides a library of examples, marketing plans, documents, and visuals that allow participants to build on each other’s strengths, rather than recreating the wheel. 

The group is further paired off with accountability partners for weekly check- in calls, and progress is documented through written update reports provided to all participants.  If you are looking to grow quickly, supported by other like minded individuals, this leadership program is a unique experience designed to support business and leadership growth. 

“The Leadership Coaching has exceeded my expectations.  I’ve had many coaches in the past, and Debbie is so much better than any I’ve worked with.  She did what I needed & expected….she took the time to learn who I am; she gave us relevant assignments and held us accountable; and she listened.    I felt like she spent time preparing for our calls vs. taking a quick minute to review just before the call and “winging it”.   She also did a fabulous job of managing the variety of personalities.  Having others on the call with me continually gives me permission to allow myself to embrace my challenges and areas of growth and know that I'm not alone.  I'm building relationships with others that will continue well past our coaching calls end.  Most importantly, I saw results.  We increased sales; I now have more free time; and my business runs better than it did before. I am a huge Debbie Yost fan and recommend her highly!  I can’t say enough about how positive my coaching experience was.   I loved it!   It is the best money I've ever spent! ”  Debbie Morris, Broker/Owner of The Morris Group, Indianapolis

Coaching with Debbie Yost has been an amazing experience for me.  I have grown so much as a leader with her help.  I have managed to grow from a team of 7 to a team of 12 in 2 years, increase my market share, have more personal time off, enjoy my leadership role within the team more than ever before and successfully take a maternity leave!!  Wow… life has become so much better thanks to Debbie!  Not only does the coaching program teach you how to manage your business well, it helps you grow personally so that each aspect of your life is better.   Jette Youngblood, Jette Youngblood Real Estate, Logan Utah

“Debbie’s coaching far exceeded any expectations I had prior to the start.  On a scale of 1 to 10, she is a 10.  It would be impossible for me to even imagine an area where she could improve.  She is excellent in her delivery, demeanor, follow up and teachings.  Her experience shows in everything she does and says.”  Pamela Walters, Broker/Owner The Pamela Walters Group, Tyler, Texas

After completing a year of group coaching with Debbie Yost, I can honestly say I would recommend this process to anyone looking to grow both personally and professionally.  If you are willing to embrace an environment that will challenge you as well as support you, and teach you as well as offer opportunities to teach others, then this is an experience not to be missed.  You will learn to acknowledge your strengths and also to identify (and forgive) your weaknesses, and in both cases will have the support and accountability of the group and your coach to make the most of your gifts, talents and skills as well as the opportunities that are presented to you.  If you are interested in taking your life and your business to the next level, Debbie can help you get there!

Caution: If you are a lover of the status quo, this process is not for you :)

Debbie, thank you for always listening carefully with your mind, but even more for listening with your heart.  The experience was rich and I look forward to more.  Kathy Schmidt, Broker. Cma Schmidt Realty Group, Inc.  Alberta, CA

Life Changing Transformational Workshops:

Designed specifically for individuals, couples or small groups to facilitate targeted goals.  Spend a half day or multiple days with Debbie exploring and designing your blueprint for a successful, rewarding life.

Debbie is licensed to facilitate Living Your Vision © individual or group workshops to define your personal vision and life purpose. 


Living Your Vision is a course that requires credentialed coaches to invest in significant training in order to be licensed to facilitate. 

It is a powerful process for people who are passionate about living life more fully.  It is a personal transformation process that supports clients who want to clarify their vision, purpose, core values, align their life with their clarity, and take action that produces intentional results.  

Living Your Vision is for:

  • Visionary leaders who want to make extraordinary contributions in the world.
  • People who want to bring a dream to life, such as a new business, a new career or a creative project.
  • Anyone in transition.
  • Those who want to access their shared vision and purpose and co-create a MasterPlan for themselves and/or their relationship.
  • Anyone who wants to experience greater satisfaction and fulfillment, personally or professionally. 

The Living Your Vision process includes 20-24 hours of in-person facilitation.  Together, we will create a sacred space where you are free to focus completely on yourself and the Living Your Vision process as a private retreat.  You will leave the workshop with a clear and compelling vision, purpose, core values and guiding principles to guide your life.  It is an amazing transformational process and those who have attended our workshop in the past have gone on to create amazing lives full of purpose, meaning and joy.  By aligning the inward and outward, we free ourselves to create and live the life we choose. 

I would highly recommend the Living Your Vision seminar.   For me it was an amazing few days that changed my way of thinking and beliefs about leadership and myself. I would recommend it for anybody that is looking to further understand their purpose or vision for their life and business. It will give you the clarity that you are searching for.   Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful experience.  Jose Medina


Real Estate Business Consulting:

 As a broker owner of RE/MAX Casa Grande and team leader of the award winning Yost Realty Group, I have a wide variety of expertise in terms of systems, team building, business management, marketing and leadership.  A top producing Realtor in the central Arizona market since 1980, we’re consistently honored as one of the Top 100 US RE/MAX Teams, have earned a Lifetime Achievement Award, been recognized by the National Association of Realtors as Top US 100 Agents and Top 300 US Teams three times, and most recently as #57 in the Top 250 US Teams by Transaction Sides by the Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends, Inc. 

Often a client will find value in bringing in an independent expert to their location for an evaluation of operation, systems and staff.  Depending on the size and scope of the consultation, we may spend one day or a few days evaluating your operation, interviewing key staff members or holding a Team Advance Workshop or special training as needed.  The consultation is designed specifically to meet your needs and completed with a written report of recommendations. 

Team building workshops and/or Annual or Quarterly Advances help create synergy that can propel a business forward.  As a skilled facilitator, I build consensus among staff members so that everyone focuses on a common goal.

Additional recognitions include:

Howard Brinton StarPower Star

Alan Hainge Cyberstar

Featured in the “Billionaire Real Estate Agent” book by Steve Kantor

Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

Certified Residential Specialist

Certified Distressed Property Expert

Certified Investor Agent Specialist

Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource

Graduate Realtor Institute

Member of NRBA

Member of National Association of Realtors, AZ Association of Realtors and Western Pinal Association of Realtors

Speaker and Panelist at National Association of Realtors Annual Conference, StarPower Annual Conference, Starpower University, RE/MAX Satellite Network

 “Our team advance was a sensational success this year!  After last week’s event, we are a team and – even better – all of our team members see where they fit into the big picture and why their contribution makes the team work. 

Debbie took a systematic approach to finding out more about our individual team members and our goals, as team leaders. She and Joe took the time to ask penetrating questions. During our advance good coach Debbie took us through a series of exercises focusing on our ability to produce more as a team than as individuals and showing how we are interrelated. 

At the conclusion of our advance, here is what we had accomplished as a team:  A Team Mission Statement – created through the efforts of all 8 team members. A list of 18 specific action items, with who and whens attachedA week later, we have completed 5 of our action items and are Gung Ho on the remaining 13! Having Debbie as our facilitator will energize this team for the coming year, with specific and meaningful goals." Juliet I. San Martin, Managing Broker, Team San Martin, RE/MAX St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Real Estate Training:

On Site Real Estate Sales Training

Delivered in person, Debbie can provide specific training in the nuts and bolts of real estate sales from lead generation to past client follow up/service systems.  Training is done in a workshop setting where participants interact in activities designed to fully integrate new skills rather than a strict lecture style.  These topics/workshops can be designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization.  Some recent topics include:


Time Management 
Dollar Productive Activities 
Ideal Day and Week 
Discovering Your Strengths and Creating Focus 
DISC Behavioral Styles 
Understanding and Using Feng Shui for an Abundant Life and Career 
Creating Branding 
Successful Listing Systems 
Building a team – how, why and when
Lead conversion
Becoming A Leader You’d Love to Work With  
The Law of Attraction

“Thank you, Debbie, for the incredible workshop you held for my agent leadership council!  Not only was the information valuable and timely, but everyone in the room had a lot of fun.  My agents were energized and will undoubtedly put your ideas to work in their businesses.  You encompassed all four topics in one ninety minute presentation that kept them all engaged!  We will definitely have you back soon!”  Raejean (RJ) Myers, Team Leader, Keller Williams Legacy One Realty, Chandler, AZ


Reiki and Feng Shui Energy Practices

Every object on our planet is energy vibrating at different levels.  A lifelong student of energy, Debbie is a Reiki Master and a Certified Feng Shui Professional.  Individual or group study in Reiki and Feng Shui Consultations are also available.

Reiki Instruction

Individual and group instruction in the Usui System of Reiki Healing.

 "Reiki" is a Japanese word meaning "universal life energy," the energy found in all things.  Reiki can be a personal tool for healing and growth, a way to give energy to family and friends, or a gentle complementary therapy in holistic medicine.  

A Reiki treatment supports the whole person - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It is simple to learn and can be applied in a clinical setting, given as self-treatments, or used as a "home remedy" to enhance health and emotional well-being

Debbie is a Reiki Master and a Member of the Reiki Alliance.

Feng Shui

An ancient energy practice, the literal translation of “Feng Shui” is wind and water.  Learning the concepts and practicing feng shui allows one to live in harmony with one’s environment.

This earth energy art and science is quite intuitive and can be integrated into a Realtor’s business with practice and study.  Understanding this earth art and science can bring abundance and health to all areas of one’s life.  Individual consultations are available and recommendations for those wishing to earn the Feng Shui Certification for Realtors are recommended.