I want to take this moment to thank you for living your vision and touching people’s lives.  In 2010 when I asked the Universe for a mentor I had no idea what I ride I was in for!  You have exceeded my wildest expectations.  You have been such a part of the journey that I am on and there are truly no words to express my gratitude.  My world is expanded and my life is full of joy.  Thank you for seeing through my tough exterior enough to know that I would be a perfect candidate to join the “Living Your Vision Workshop” and the Leadership Coaching Group.  It has made a huge difference in my personal and professional life.  I am growing every single day.  I wake up alive and full of energy.  I could go on and on about the changes that have taken place and continue to take place in my life and now the lives of others who I touch with my love. 

You know I strongly believe in angels and you are certainly one of God’s angels. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am forever grateful.  Wendy Kirtland, PLLC

 Debbie is the most inspiring coach I have had, she has helped me discover what is truly important in life.  Debbie cares about your dreams and goals and helps influence you to find and achieve them (even if you don’t know what they are exactly.)  She is a deep thinker and an amazing leader.  I would highly recommend her coaching and mentoring.  Toril Schoepfer 

 "Debbie Yost has been my coach in both a group setting and one-on-one.  I have enjoyed both very much. The group setting has focused on deepening my leadership skills and putting them into practice.  My on-on-one coaching  has focused on much more personal issues.  I believe Debbie's skills as a coach are strongly applicable to any situation in life where one is facing change, decisions, challenges, or desires to move forward with more focused intention. 

Where I personally experienced the most profound impact was coaching with Debbie as I faced the very personal challenge of facing the death of a loved one from cancer.  The coaching experience provided me with so many things.  It provided a safe place to explore the wide variety of emotions I was feeling.  Through coaching I began to  accept the journey and to look for the gifts of new understanding and acceptance within it.  Always permission-based, Deb gently challenged me when my thinking wandered into black and white, and she consistently and gently observed inconsistencies and apparent contradictions in my beliefs and actions.  Together, we explored and discovered the strengths and gifts I already had, and looked at ways to utilize those in the current situation as well as ways to offer those gifts and strengths to others. 

It has been a marvelous, shared journey and I am grateful to both Deb and myself for the growth I have achieved.  I believe strongly in the coaching model.  Is it always comfortable?  No.  But that is ok.  Life isn't always supposed to be comfortable.  And a certain amount of discomfort can lead us to amazing places we never dreamed of.  I encourage you to take your own journey and I wholeheartedly endorse Debbie Yost as your coaching companion." Kathy Schmidt 

"Coaching with Debbie has been a catalyst for positive change—both personally and professionally.  Debbie has an amazing ability to be both holistic in her coaching of ALL facets of life while being incredibly focused when it comes to helping her clients resolve particular roadblocks. 

 Above all else, I credit Debbie with helping us adjust our mindset to THINK like a CEO—it’s a skillset that she has in spades in her own business and it’s an ability that she both nurtures and teaches in every one of our interactions.  It seems that in all of business and life, growth starts in the heart and in the mind and then works its way out.  Debbie knows this.  She helps us think at a higher level—and that helps us achieve at a higher level!" Seth Dailey

"Deciding to be coached by Debbie Yost was the single most important business decision we made in 2009.  We’ve seen a dramatic increase in our production since we started coaching with Debbie.  She is a gifted listener and business consultant who is able to help us identify areas of growth and opportunity that we would not have been able to see on our own.  She is incredibly invaluable to us and to our business.  Because of our coaching relationship with Debbie, we are more productive and efficient in the office and we have learned how to live more balanced and fulfilling lives.  If you desire to improve your life in any way, Debbie can help you achieve your goals!"  Alyce Dailey 

"I can attribute $19,200 to transactions directly related to our coaching over the past two months.  This is one of the best investments I have ever made in growing my business." Lindsay Smith, Broker RE/MAX Spirit

“Debbie, you are a fantastic Coach.  Your assistance in training my team was second to none. You assisted them with sticking to the process of the systems we implemented. Also your knowledge of people and personalities is unbelievable.  What you shared with us made us better people by being able to understand what type of personality we are dealing with.  We are able to serve the public's individual needs when investing in their most important asset. Buying and selling a family home is the most important investment of their future. Your knowledge in internet marketing and lead follow up helped us to be able to achieve the status of #1 Team in Canada and #23 in North America for residential unit sales with Prudential Real Estate for 2008. Thank you again for helping us make our dreams a reality. Domenic Manchisi, Broker, Prudential Town Centre Realty Inc, www.DomenicManchisi.com

It is with great pleasure that we announce the transfer of our Coaching Division of Star Power Systems, Inc. to the very capable hands of Debbie Yost.  Debbie is not only a dedicated coach, intent on helping you reach your goals in business and in life, she's also an incredible human being.  In 2007 she earned her coaching credentials from the International Coaching Federation, combined that knowledge with an incredibly successful career as a Star Power Star selling real estate as a team leader and broker/owner, and she's constantly been our most successful coach when measuring the growth and success of her clients.  Know that for all your coaching needs, you are supported by one of the best in the industry.  Howard J. Brinton, Star power Systems, Inc. 

 “Debbie is a masterful coach with a depth of vision and soulfulness that inspire me. She holds me in a huge, safe space where I feel free to roam and discover, and experience courage to face my challenges. She has been there for me time and again, encouraging, challenging, and supporting me through a variety of issues, both business and personal. Be prepared to go deep and evolve when you work with her!  Amy Stoehr, Changing Lanes Consulting, Longmont, CO

“Coaching with Debbie has been wonderful! She is getting us on track with our business and that spills into our personal lives and things are going so much better since we started the coaching sessions. We were stuck and Debbie is helping us define our roles in the business, boundaries and just fabulous ideas for all parts of our business. I can’t recommend her enough. And she has a fabulous sense of humor!”  Lisa Heredia, Coldwell Banker, Lake Oswego, OR

"As a seasoned real estate broker I understand the need for coaching to maximize personal and career growth.  Debbie has more than exceeded my expectations.  I am no more focused on the tasks that are helping me develop and implement needed systems.  Debbie is on the way to coaching me to my most successful year in the business with more time to grow personally and enjoy my family." Bob Szarek, CRB, Broker, SRES, Relocation Specialist, Realty One/Real Living

"I LOVE WORKING WITH DEBBIE YOST.  Debbie has the unique ability to truly understand what I am trying to accomplish as a person and in my business.  She offers advice, direction and insight that is priceless.  I feel blessed to be working with her." Darcy Bauer, Mammoth Real Estate

"Debbie Yost far exceeds what I expected in a coach.  She is so warm, kind and giving, yet an intelligent business woman.  After each session with her, I take away so much.  During my years in real estate, I have been aware I needed to develop a business plan that would be of benefit to me and my team, but never succeeded in putting it together.  Debbie has helped me develop that , and I'm so excited!!  She has raised my expectations and given me direction.  It is very hard to express Debbie's value as a coach.  I'm very blessed to have found her." Liz Freeman of The Liz Freeman Team, RE/MAX Preferred Realty, Greenville, NC

 “Over the course of my career in real estate I have coached with 4 different coaches from 3 different companies. My experience with Debbie has clearly been the most positive and I feel has provided the most value. Debbie brings practical experience along with the ability to guide you thru the problem solving process so that you have a part in coming up with the solution. I would never hesitate to refer Debbie to anyone looking to create results in their business.” Steve Schwab, Broker, RE/MAX Equity Group, Portland, Oregon

"Debbie provides lots of very tangible ideas and she is a marketing whiz.  She also helps me to focus on the bigger picture... my life.  Debbie has great insight into helping me with my personal life goals.  She is always very positive and straight forward." LeeAnn Rasmussen, Broker/Owner Coldwell Banker

"Debbie, Coaching with you is great!, You help me to put things in perspective and try to stay focused. You helped me to organize a complete plan for recruiting, hiring a second in command, working with family and writing scripts. You helped me work through many difficult situations as a Coach and as a friend. You always supported me in my decisions but helped me realize the complete picture so I made better decisions. I would highly recommend you as a coach to anyone who wants to grow.  Terri Warden, President, Beyond Mortgage